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Article: How to add more color to your wardrobe

How to add more color to your wardrobe JUST BRAZIL

How to add more color to your wardrobe

Adding vibrant colors to your wardrobe can be daunting to someone but it's a great way to elevate a simple outfit and make it more fun and memorable. If your closet is full of blacks, whites and neutrals, and it seems like you are wearing the same thing over and over, adding some statement pieces with color can brighten up your style! 

So, tip number one is choosing accent pieces.

If you are not sure yet for a colorful outfit, a great way to incorporate color is by choosing small accent pieces. That can include a bag with color or a hat. These choices can be combined with multiple outfits and you will get a great use out of them. Pick a color that goes with a majority of the clothing you already own and you most definitely going to wear it more than you think.



Tip number two is to embrace patterns.

An easy way to incorporate color to your wardrobe is through patterns. This is maybe easier in the summer when patterns are all over the place but you have some great choices for the winter too. A coat or a cardigan with a pattern is a pretty easy add to your closet and can be worn with many neutral pieces. So, take a chance to patterned pieces.


Tip number three is to do a monochromatic outfit.

If you are feeling a little daring, you can try a monochromatic look. An easy choice is a jumpsuit or a two-piece set. Another great way is by choosing similar color hue pieces to pair. That’s a pretty easy way to bring color to your life and your wardrobe.



Tip number four is colorful jewelry.

If you are not ready for all the above the easiest way to add some color is by choosing jewelry with colors. Wear your black-white or neutral outfit and combine it with a fun and colorful necklace or a pair of earrings. That way you have some color and you still are comfortable in your skin.



Whatever your choice is, one thing is for sure, you will look stunning!

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