How to pick a stylish gift for Christmas.

Christmas is coming closer and closer and you have to start your gift picking journey.
Picking a gift for your loved ones can be a brain teaser and most of the times you spend hours on thinking for something practical, useful and if it’s going to be a fashion piece, stylish too!
Just Brazil Store is here to help you by recommending a few stylish and unique pieces you can gift to your friends and family this Christmas.

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is always a great choice for a gift. It can last forever and the one who will receive it, will love it and cherish it for sure! Because it is the holiday season you can go a little bit extra and choose something sparkly which would definitely be a showstopper piece. So if you have someone close to you that wears jewelry with every chance, this is your way to go.


Arctos Ematite Gold Star Long Necklace Justbrazil


2. Perfume

A bottle of perfume is for sure a timeless gift. A scent can be tie to the memory so a great gift for your loved ones is a perfume with a unique smell that will last and every time you will smell it, your best memories of them will pop up to your brain. So this is a great gift for someone special to you that holds a piece of your heart.

Imperial Perfume Granado

3. Sweater or Cardigan

Because it is winter, one great gift (and a stylish one!) is a sweater or a cardigan. It’s a gift that everyone will love because it is cozy and warm and will be like a ‘hug’ to the one who will wear it. It’s a very practical gift and I can reassure you that everyone will love it. Gifted it to someone who loves to be comfortable and warm as well as stylish too.

Emmeleia Ecru Cardigan Zoya