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Add a touch of fun and sustainability to your wardrobe with Alemais brand. These high end products are not only beautifully crafted with traditional techniques, but also promote social and environmental awareness. Perfect for adding a colorful, summery twist to your style.

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NEW SEASONAlemais-Disco Daisy Shorts-JustbrazilAlemais-Disco Daisy Shorts-Justbrazil
Disco Daisy Short Sale price€270,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Disco Daisy Shirt-JustbrazilAlemais-Disco Daisy Shirt-Justbrazil
Disco Daisy Shirt Sale price€310,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Porcelain Shirtdress-JustbrazilAlemais-Porcelain Shirtdress-Justbrazil
Porcelain Shirtdress Sale price€589,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Lemonis Jacquard Midi Dress-JustbrazilAlemais-Lemonis Jacquard Midi Dress-Justbrazil
Lemonis Jacquard Midi Dress Sale price€712,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Lemonis Sundress-JustbrazilAlemais-Lemonis Sundress-Justbrazil
Lemonis Sundress Sale price€610,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Paradiso Silk Shirt-JustbrazilAlemais-Paradiso Silk Shirt-Justbrazil
Paradiso Silk Shirt Sale price€475,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Paradiso Silk Pant-JustbrazilAlemais-Paradiso Silk Pant-Justbrazil
Paradiso Silk Pant Sale price€507,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Paradiso Silk Midi Dress-JustbrazilAlemais-Paradiso Silk Midi Dress-Justbrazil
Paradiso Silk Midi Dress Sale price€712,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Disco Daisy Shirtdress-JustbrazilAlemais-Disco Daisy Shirtdress-Justbrazil
Disco Daisy Shirtdress Sale price€486,00
NEW SEASONSofie BlouseSofie Blouse
Sofie Blouse Sale price€375,00
NEW SEASONSofie ShirtdressSofie Shirtdress
Sofie Shirtdress Sale price€660,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Linda Tiered Midi Dress-JustbrazilAlemais-Linda Tiered Midi Dress-Justbrazil
Linda Tiered Midi Dress Sale price€712,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Linda Mini Dress-JustbrazilAlemais-Linda Mini Dress-Justbrazil
Linda Mini Dress Sale price€520,00
NEW SEASONJustbrazil-Linda Pant-JustbrazilJustbrazil-Linda Pant-Justbrazil
Linda Pant Sale price€425,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Linda Top-JustbrazilAlemais-Linda Top-Justbrazil
Linda Top Sale price€330,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Hotel Lamu Midi Dress-JustbrazilAlemais-Hotel Lamu Midi Dress-Justbrazil
Hotel Lamu Midi Dress Sale price€578,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Hotel Lamu Spliced Shirtdress-JustbrazilAlemais-Hotel Lamu Spliced Shirtdress-Justbrazil
Hotel Lamu Spliced Shirtdress Sale price€610,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Porcelain Silk Short-JustbrazilAlemais-Porcelain Silk Short-Justbrazil
Porcelain Silk Short Sale price€356,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Porcelain Silk Shirt-JustbrazilAlemais-Porcelain Silk Shirt-Justbrazil
Porcelain Silk Shirt Sale price€475,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Porcelain Frill Midi Dress Multi Multi-JustbrazilAlemais-Porcelain Frill Midi Dress Multi Multi-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONAlemais-Lemonis Silk Skirt-JustbrazilAlemais-Lemonis Silk Skirt-Justbrazil
Lemonis Silk Skirt Sale price€470,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Lemonis Silk Scarf Top-JustbrazilAlemais-Lemonis Silk Scarf Top-Justbrazil
Lemonis Silk Scarf Top Sale price€330,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Samaki Puff Sleeve Midi Dress-JustbrazilAlemais-Samaki Puff Sleeve Midi Dress-JustbrazilAlemais-Samaki Puff Sleeve Midi Dress-Justbrazil
Samaki Puff Sleeve Midi Dress Sale price€459,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Samaki Crop Top-JustbrazilAlemais-Samaki Crop Top-Justbrazil
Samaki Crop Top Sale price€254,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Samaki Midi Dress-JustbrazilAlemais-Samaki Midi Dress-Justbrazil
Samaki Midi Dress Sale price€508,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Bungalow Midi Dress-JustbrazilAlemais-Bungalow Midi Dress-Justbrazil
Bungalow Midi Dress Sale price€815,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Paradiso Shirtdress-JustbrazilAlemais-Paradiso Shirtdress-Justbrazil
Paradiso Shirtdress Sale price€660,00
NEW SEASONAlemais-Paradiso Mini Dress-JustbrazilAlemais-Paradiso Mini Dress-Justbrazil
Paradiso Mini Dress Sale price€450,00