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Lastalier is an authentic brand inspired by the sun, the dolce vita, family, friends, you, craftsmen, farniente, simplicity... They launched Lastelier in 2016 because they wanted timeless, functional and durable accessories, made in a traditional and reasoned way in workshops selected for their exceptional know-how.
Their name Lastelier is the contraction between the family name of the designer Bérengère de Lassée and the word atelier -workshop-: Lassée + Atelier = Lastelier. Bérengère de Lassée worked for several years at Bottega Veneta in Italy and it is with her experience and the confidence that the craftsmen (with whom she was already working at the time) have in Lastelier, that the brand was born.
They make timeless and essential pieces that are faithful to us on all occasions, that follow us everywhere, that are an integral part of our lives, our travels, our homes and that evolve with us, in our own history.

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Tulum Mini Black BagTulum Mini Black Bag
Tulum Mini Black Bag Sale price€315,00
Borneo Green BagBorneo Green Bag
Borneo Green Bag Sale price€300,00
Borneo Blue BagBorneo Blue Bag
Borneo Blue Bag Sale price€300,00
Borneo Red BagBorneo Red Bag
Borneo Red Bag Sale price€300,00
Sirocco Red FanSirocco Red Fan
Sirocco Red Fan Sale price€115,00
Sirocco Mustard FanSirocco Mustard Fan
Sirocco Mustard Fan Sale price€115,00
Sirocco Green FanSirocco Green Fan
Sirocco Green Fan Sale price€115,00
Sirocco Blue FanSirocco Blue Fan
Sirocco Blue Fan Sale price€115,00
Riviera Gold HatRiviera Gold Hat
Riviera Gold Hat Sale price€270,00
Riviera Mustard HatRiviera Mustard Hat
Riviera Mustard Hat Sale price€270,00
Riviera Blue HatRiviera Blue Hat
Riviera Blue Hat Sale price€270,00
Riviera Red HatRiviera Red Hat
Riviera Red Hat Sale price€270,00
Riviera Green HatRiviera Green Hat
Riviera Green Hat Sale price€270,00
Le Panama Khaki HatLe Panama Khaki Hat
Le Panama Khaki Hat Sale price€238,00
Le Panama Black HatLe Panama Black Hat
Le Panama Black Hat Sale price€238,00
Le Panama Beige HatLe Panama Beige Hat
Le Panama Beige Hat Sale price€238,00
Le Panama Blue HatLe Panama Blue Hat
Le Panama Blue Hat Sale price€238,00