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DESTREE is a women's ready-to-wear and accessories brand created in 2016 in Paris by Géraldine Guyot and Laetitia Lumbroso.

Deeply cosmopolitan, the brand draws its inspirations from the world of contemporary art that its creator Géraldine - a graduate of Central Saint Martins - is fond of. 

DESTREE tells the story of a colorful and singular passion, of a Parisian yet different style, drawing its beauty from the visual dissonances it evokes and which it translate through a graphic and structured aesthetic. 

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Yayoi Black Dress Sale price€490,00
NEW SEASONDestree-Yoshi Ottoman Stripes Ruby & Green Pants-JustbrazilYoshi Ottoman Stripes Ruby & Green Pants
NEW SEASONDestree-Jasper Stripes Shirt-JustbrazilDestree-Jasper Stripes Shirt-Justbrazil
Jasper Stripes Shirt Sale price€320,00
NEW SEASONSold outDestree-Sonia Daisy Color Pearl Glittery Brown Piercing-JustbrazilDestree-Sonia Daisy Color Pearl Glittery Brown Piercing-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONSold outDestree-Sonia Sun Pearl Orange Piercing-JustbrazilDestree-Sonia Sun Pearl Orange Piercing-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Hans-Dress Long Popelin White Dress-JustbrazilDestree-Hans-Dress Long Popelin White Dress-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Franz Soft Stripes Pale Yellow & Lilac Dress-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Franz Stripes Red & Ecru Dress-JustbrazilDestree-Franz Stripes Red & Ecru Dress-Justbrazil
Franz Stripes Red & Ecru Dress Sale price€460,00
NEW SEASONDestree-Irving Soft Stripes Pale Yellow & Lilac Skirt-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Irving Ottoman Stripes Ruby & Green Skirt-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Irving Stripes Red & Ecru Skirt-JustbrazilDestree-Irving Stripes Red & Ecru Skirt-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Richard Ottoman Stripes Top-Justbrazil
Richard Ottoman Stripes Top Sale price€210,00
NEW SEASONDestree-Louise Icon Ring-JustbrazilDestree-Louise Icon Ring-Justbrazil
Louise Icon Ring Sale price€150,00
NEW SEASONDestree-Louise Daisy Ring-Justbrazil
Louise Daisy Ring Sale price€150,00
NEW SEASONDestree-Sonia Lilium Piercing-JustbrazilDestree-Sonia Lilium Piercing-Justbrazil
Sonia Lilium Piercing Sale price€280,00
NEW SEASONDestree-Sonia Sun Pearl Dark Green Piercing-JustbrazilDestree-Sonia Sun Pearl Dark Green Piercing-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Sonia Icon Stone White Earrings-JustbrazilSonia Icon Stone White Earrings
NEW SEASONDestree-Sonia Icon Cyan Square Earrings-JustbrazilDestree-Sonia Icon Cyan Square Earrings-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Glenn Lilium Gold Bracelet-JustbrazilGlenn Lilium Gold Bracelet
Glenn Lilium Gold Bracelet Sale price€260,00
NEW SEASONDestree-Glenn Daisy Gold Bracelet-JustbrazilDestree-Glenn Daisy Gold Bracelet-Justbrazil
Glenn Daisy Gold Bracelet Sale price€260,00
NEW SEASONDestree-Bracelet Single Chain Gold-JustbrazilDestree-Bracelet Single Chain Gold-Justbrazil
Bracelet Single Chain Gold Sale price€180,00