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Lenny Niemeyer is a Brazilian designer oF luxury beach & swimwear. Her bikinis are created for great fit and unique style. Lenny Swimwear is known around the world.
When it comes to designing resort wear that captures the imagination, Lenny Niemeyer is one of the most well-respected experts in the field. Her gorgeous luxury swimwear calls to mind some of the epic apparel created by the most iconic fashion designers in the world. Lenny Niemeyer understands the way luxury swimwear should hug a woman's curves, making her feel confident and glamorous, whether she's sitting on a yacht or sipping a glass of champagne by the pool. Not many luxury swimwear designers are as astute and creative as Lenny Niemeyer, who perfectly encapsulates the luxury lifestyle in her swimwear. 

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50% OFFShoulder Strap One PieceShoulder Strap One Piece
Shoulder Strap One Piece Sale price€132,50 Regular price€265,00
50% OFFDrop Bandeau Reflection Bikini
Drop Bandeau Reflection Bikini Sale price€165,00 Regular price€330,00
40% OFFElastic Waistband Reflection PantsElastic Waistband Reflection Pants
Elastic Waistband Reflection Pants Sale price€120,00 Regular price€200,00
50% OFFSculpted One Piece
Sculpted One Piece Sale price€126,00 Regular price€252,00
50% OFFDrop Bandeau Fauna BikiniDrop Bandeau Fauna Bikini
Drop Bandeau Fauna Bikini Sale price€168,00 Regular price€336,00
50% OFFElastic Fauna Waistband Pants
Elastic Fauna Waistband Pants Sale price€109,00 Regular price€218,00
50% OFFCropped Fauna Wide Shirt
Cropped Fauna Wide Shirt Sale price€126,00 Regular price€252,00
50% OFFDrop Bandeau Cammo BikiniDrop Bandeau Cammo Bikini
Drop Bandeau Cammo Bikini Sale price€165,00 Regular price€330,00
50% OFFTrapezium Long Cammo BikiniTrapezium Long Cammo Bikini
Trapezium Long Cammo Bikini Sale price€155,00 Regular price€310,00
50% OFFRuched Granite Halter One PieceRuched Granite Halter One Piece
Ruched Granite Halter One Piece Sale price€147,00 Regular price€294,00
50% OFFAdjustable Granite Halter BikiniAdjustable Granite Halter Bikini
Adjustable Granite Halter Bikini Sale price€105,00 Regular price€210,00
50% OFFAdjustable Lagoon Halter BikiniAdjustable Lagoon Halter Bikini
Adjustable Lagoon Halter Bikini Sale price€175,00 Regular price€350,00
50% OFFShort Lagoon ChemisierShort Lagoon Chemisier
Short Lagoon Chemisier Sale price€147,50 Regular price€295,00
50% OFFHigh Loop One PieceHigh Loop One Piece
High Loop One Piece Sale price€117,50 Regular price€235,00
50% OFFLenny Niemeyer-U Geometric Bikini-JustbrazilLenny Niemeyer-U Geometric Bikini-Justbrazil
U Geometric Bikini Sale price€116,00 Regular price€232,00
50% OFFLenny Niemeyer-New Bloom Kaftan-JustbrazilLenny Niemeyer-New Bloom Kaftan-Justbrazil
New Bloom Kaftan Sale price€119,00 Regular price€238,00
50% OFFLenny Niemeyer-Loop One Shoulder Bikini-JustbrazilLenny Niemeyer-Loop One Shoulder Bikini-Justbrazil
Loop One Shoulder Bikini Sale price€110,00 Regular price€220,00
50% OFFLenny Niemeyer-Deep V Back Strap One Piece-JustbrazilLenny Niemeyer-Deep V Back Strap One Piece-Justbrazil
Deep V Back Strap One Piece Sale price€100,00 Regular price€200,00
50% OFFLenny Niemeyer-Geometric Shoulder Bikini-JustbrazilLenny Niemeyer-Geometric Shoulder Bikini-Justbrazil
Geometric Shoulder Bikini Sale price€103,50 Regular price€207,00
50% OFFLenny Niemeyer-Geometric Long Bikini-JustbrazilLenny Niemeyer-Geometric Long Bikini-Justbrazil
Geometric Long Bikini Sale price€172,00 Regular price€344,00
50% OFFLenny Niemeyer-Geometric White Shoulder One Piece-JustbrazilLenny Niemeyer-Geometric White Shoulder One Piece-Justbrazil
Geometric White Shoulder One Piece Sale price€105,00 Regular price€210,00
50% OFFLenny Niemeyer-Detailed Halter White Bikini-JustbrazilLenny Niemeyer-Detailed Halter White Bikini-Justbrazil
Detailed Halter White Bikini Sale price€198,50 Regular price€397,00