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The KLEED brand was founded in 2016, by Carolina Guedes Cruz, a dynamic Portuguese entrepreneur. Over fifteen years of volunteer service in conservation projects in Africa, working with everything from elephants to rhinos, convinced KLEED founder and CEO Carolina Guedes Cruz that her contribution to wildlife conservation should combine her two worlds - international fashion and the preservation of African wildlife.
 Since then, the brand has become a worldwide brand advocate for the conservation of wildlife in Africa and, more recently, in India.

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NEW SEASONKleed-Mombasa Black Kimono-JustbrazilKleed-Mombasa Black Kimono-Justbrazil
Mombasa Black Kimono Sale price€373,00
NEW SEASONKleed-Jaisal Orange Kimono-JustbrazilKleed-Jaisal Orange Kimono-Justbrazil
Jaisal Orange Kimono Sale price€398,00
NEW SEASONKleed-Blue Savannah Naya Kimono-JustbrazilKleed-Blue Savannah Naya Kimono-Justbrazil
Blue Savannah Naya Kimono Sale price€380,00
NEW SEASONKleed-Jain Blue Kimono-JustbrazilKleed-Jain Blue Kimono-Justbrazil
Jain Blue Kimono Sale price€398,00
NEW SEASONKleed-Mombasa Blue Kimono-JustbrazilKleed-Mombasa Blue Kimono-Justbrazil
Mombasa Blue Kimono Sale price€373,00
NEW SEASONKleed-Turquoise Savannah Kimon-JustbrazilKleed-Turquoise Savannah Kimon-Justbrazil
Turquoise Savannah Kimono Sale price€368,00
NEW SEASONKleed-White Savannah Kimono-JustbrazilKleed-White Savannah Kimono-Justbrazil
White Savannah Kimono Sale price€368,00
NEW SEASONKleed-Rainbow Mix Kimono-JustbrazilKleed-Rainbow Mix Kimono-Justbrazil
Rainbow Mix Kimono Sale price€443,00
NEW SEASONKleed-Mombasa Red Kimono-JustbrazilKleed-Mombasa Red Kimono-Justbrazil
Mombasa Red Kimono Sale price€373,00
Gecko Black KimonoGecko Black Kimono
Gecko Black Kimono Sale price€368,00
Gadisar Red KaftanGadisar Red Kaftan
Gadisar Red Kaftan Sale price€408,00
Kleed-Fennec Green Kaftan-JustbrazilKleed-Fennec Green Kaftan-Justbrazil
Fennec Green Kaftan Sale price€350,00
Kleed-Dorcas Blue Kaftan-JustbrazilKleed-Dorcas Blue Kaftan-Justbrazil
Dorcas Blue Kaftan Sale price€350,00
Gadisar Silk KaftanGadisar Silk Kaftan
Gadisar Silk Kaftan Sale price€525,00
Kleed-Fennec Red Kaftan-JustbrazilKleed-Fennec Red Kaftan-Justbrazil
Fennec Red Kaftan Sale price€350,00
Kleed-Nyali Kimono-JustbrazilKleed-Nyali Kimono-Justbrazil
Nyali Kimono Sale price€345,00
NEW SEASONJain Black KimonoJain Black Kimono
Jain Black Kimono Sale price€398,00