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Mombasa Red Kimono

Sale price€373,00

We’ve honed our much-loved IKAT kimono to an art form. Handcrafted using age-old techniques, the 100% cotton yarns are resist-dyed, twirled, and skillfully hand-loomed to create a shaded-pattern effect.
Mombasa Red’s pattern is a joy. Pleasingly symmetrical and geometrical, the bold red on white is a perfect pick-me-up antidote to our daily routine. Energy flows from the stunning midnight blue spreadeagled crane embroidered on the back. Exotic and dreamy, it also reminds us all of the need for wildlife conservation.
In two different sizes and lengths, with a double-breasted kimono collar and detachable, flattering wide belt – it’s a cinch.

100% Cotton
100% Silk Embroidery

Kleed-Mombasa Red Kimono-Justbrazil
Mombasa Red Kimono Sale price€373,00