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Cult Gaia designs beautiful heirloom pieces that will live in your closet forever. The cornerstone of Cult Gaia's DNA has been forged with the ideal of creating Objets d'Art that make you look twice. Since its inception, thecompany has grown from accessoriesinto a full-fledged lifestyle brand, selling everything from ready-to-wear to shoes, a world of Gaia

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NEW SEASONSold outCult Gaia-Puffer Clutch Ivory-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Puffer Clutch Ivory-Justbrazil
Puffer Clutch Ivory Sale price€595,00
Gwyneth Top Handle Natural Sale price€595,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Fiore Earring-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Fiore Earring-Justbrazil
Fiore Earring Sale price€370,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Fiore Bracelet-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Fiore Bracelet-Justbrazil
Fiore Bracelet Sale price€340,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Eos Clutch Ivory-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Eos Clutch Ivory-Justbrazil
Eos Clutch Ivory Sale price€745,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Fiore Belt Black-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Fiore Belt Black-Justbrazil
Fiore Belt Black Sale price€385,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Fiore Belt Natural Multi-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Fiore Belt Natural Multi-Justbrazil
Fiore Belt Natural Multi Sale price€385,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Sadie Tote Bag-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Sadie Tote Bag-Justbrazil
Sadie Tote Bag Sale price€895,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Hera Nano Shoulder Bag-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Hera Nano Shoulder Bag-Justbrazil
Hera Nano Shoulder Bag Sale price€595,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Estrella Black Handbag-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Estrella Black Handbag-Justbrazil
Estrella Black Handbag Sale price€715,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Estrella Off White Handbag-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Estrella Off White Handbag-Justbrazil
Estrella Off White Handbag Sale price€715,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Sybil Crossbody Bag Black-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Sybil Crossbody Bag Black-Justbrazil
Sybil Crossbody Bag Black Sale price€535,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Sybil Crossbody Bag Natural-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Sybil Crossbody Bag Natural-Justbrazil
Sybil Crossbody Bag Natural Sale price€535,00