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Granado, Brazil’s oldest pharmacy, first opened its doors in 1870 in Rio de Janeiro. The owner of the apothecary, the Portuguese José Antonio Coxito Granado, produced remedies, cosmetics and other products made from plants, herbs and native flowers of Teresópolis, a mountainous region near Rio de Janeiro, where he had a small farm. Dedicated to cultivating and discovering local natural solutions to ailments, the company also compiled the first official register of Brazilian medicinal plants and herbs.

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Granado-Folha Imperial Eau de Cologne and Bar Soaps Kit-JustbrazilGranado-Folha Imperial Eau de Cologne and Bar Soaps Kit-Justbrazil
Granado-Folha Imperial Soap Trio-Justbrazil
Folha Imperial Soap Trio Sale price€28,00
Granado-Folha Imperial Mini Duo Candles-JustbrazilGranado-Folha Imperial Mini Duo Candles-Justbrazil
Folha Imperial Diffuser 500mlFolha Imperial Diffuser 500ml
Folha Imperial Diffuser 500ml Sale price€115,00
Sold outGranado-Carioca Diffuser 235ml-JustbrazilGranado-Carioca Diffuser 235ml-Justbrazil
Carioca Diffuser 235ml Sale price€65,00
Sold outGranado-Carioca Eau de Toilette 100ml-JustbrazilGranado-Carioca Eau de Toilette 100ml-Justbrazil
Sold outGranado-Carioca Home Spray 500ml-JustbrazilGranado-Carioca Home Spray 500ml-Justbrazil
Carioca Home Spray 500ml Sale price€85,00
Granado-Figo Eau de Cologne 300ml-JustbrazilGranado-Figo Eau de Cologne 300ml-Justbrazil
Figo Eau de Cologne 300ml Sale price€95,00
Granado-Chá Preto & Bergamota Eau de Cologne 300ml-JustbrazilGranado-Chá Preto & Bergamota Eau de Cologne 300ml-Justbrazil
Granado-Granado Limao & Neroli Cologne 300ml-JustbrazilGranado-Granado Limao & Neroli Cologne 300ml-Justbrazil
Imperial Eau de Perfum 75mlGranado-Imperial Eau de Perfum 50ml-Justbrazil
Imperial Eau de Perfum 75ml Sale price€120,00
Granado-Boemia Perfume 75Ml-JustbrazilGranado-Boemia Perfume 75Ml-Justbrazil
Boemia Perfume 75Ml Sale price€120,00
Granado-Infusao Botanica Eau De Parfum 75ml-JustbrazilGranado-Infusao Botanica Eau De Parfum 75ml-Justbrazil
Jardim Eau De Parfum 75mlGranado-Jardim Eau De Parfum 75ml-Justbrazil
Jardim Eau De Parfum 75ml Sale price€120,00
SS23-Infusao Botanica Diffuser Liquid Soap Kit-JustbrazilSS23-Infusao Botanica Diffuser Liquid Soap Kit-Justbrazil
Granado-Granado Oud Cologne 300Ml-JustbrazilGranado-Granado Oud Cologne 300Ml-Justbrazil
Granado Oud Cologne 300Ml Sale price€95,00