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Emmanuellesilk is a Greek Brand based in northeastern Greece.
Emmanuellesilk designs and produces unique pieces for women who want to discreetly make an elegant difference and was created to produce silk accessories that add a hint of contemporary sophistication to any outfit.

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NEW SEASONTeddy Bear Scarf
Teddy Bear Scarf Sale price€50,00
NEW SEASONStars In My Eyes Scarf
Stars In My Eyes Scarf Sale price€50,00
NEW SEASONEmmanuelle-Butterflies Scarf-Justbrazil
Butterflies Scarf Sale price€50,00
NEW SEASONEmmanuelle-In My Feelings Scarf-Justbrazil
In My Feelings Scarf Sale price€50,00
NEW SEASONSold outEmmanuelle-Connection Scarf-Justbrazil
Connection Scarf Sale price€50,00
NEW SEASONEmmanuelle-Mama Scarf-Justbrazil
Mama Scarf Sale price€50,00
NEW SEASONEmmanuelle-Spiritual Scarf-Justbrazil
Spiritual Scarf Sale price€110,00
NEW SEASONSold outEmmanuelle-Unicorn Ride Scarf-Justbrazil
Unicorn Ride Scarf Sale price€110,00
NEW SEASONEmmanuelle-Mermaid Sakura Scarf-JustbrazilEmmanuelle-Mermaid Sakura Scarf-Justbrazil
Mermaid Sakura Scarf Sale price€110,00
NEW SEASONSummer Love Scarf
Summer Love Scarf Sale price€110,00
NEW SEASONSold outEmmanuelle-Sacre Coeur Scarf-JustbrazilEmmanuelle-Sacre Coeur Scarf-Justbrazil
Sacre Coeur Scarf Sale price€110,00
NEW SEASONEmmanuelle-Tiger Spirit Scarf-JustbrazilEmmanuelle-Tiger Spirit Scarf-Justbrazil
Tiger Spirit Scarf Sale price€110,00
NEW SEASONEmmanuelle-Miss Cherry Scarf-JustbrazilEmmanuelle-Miss Cherry Scarf-Justbrazil
Miss Cherry Scarf Sale price€125,00
NEW SEASONSold outEmmanuelle-Celebrate Scarf-Justbrazil
Celebrate Scarf Sale price€125,00
NEW SEASONEmmanuelle-Amor Vincit Omnia Scarf-Justbrazil
Amor Vincit Omnia Scarf Sale price€125,00
NEW SEASONEmmanuelle-Heavensent Scarf-JustbrazilEmmanuelle-Heavensent Scarf-Justbrazil
Heavensent Scarf Sale price€125,00
NEW SEASONEmmanuelle-Crystal Clear Scarf-JustbrazilEmmanuelle-Crystal Clear Scarf-Justbrazil
Crystal Clear Scarf Sale price€125,00
NEW SEASONSold outEmmanuelle-Cat Magic Scarf-JustbrazilEmmanuelle-Cat Magic Scarf-Justbrazil
Cat Magic Scarf Sale price€125,00