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Dresses come in all shapes and sizes, for the day or the evening, long or short, loose or bodyfitted. The choices are endless. 
All you have to do is scroll down and choose to make one of them yours.

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Sold out50% OFFSerenity Sand Midi DressSerenity Sand Midi Dress
Serenity Sand Midi Dress Sale price€135,00 Regular price€270,00
Sold out50% OFFOsklen-Superlight Long Dress-JustbrazilOsklen-Superlight Long Dress-Justbrazil
Superlight Long Dress Sale price€78,50 Regular price€157,00
50% OFFOsklen-Wave Long Dress-JustbrazilOsklen-Wave Long Dress-Justbrazil
Wave Long Dress Sale price€167,00 Regular price€334,00
50% OFFOsklen-White Flower Fluid Dress-JustbrazilOsklen-White Flower Fluid Dress-Justbrazil
White Flower Fluid Dress Sale price€92,50 Regular price€185,00
Sold out50% OFFMarigold Striped Short DressMarigold Striped Short Dress
Marigold Striped Short Dress Sale price€72,50 Regular price€145,00
50% OFFOsklen-Vestido Long Paraquedas-JustBrazilVestido Long Paraquedas
Vestido Long Paraquedas Sale price€78,50 Regular price€157,00
50% OFFShort Lagoon ChemisierShort Lagoon Chemisier
Short Lagoon Chemisier Sale price€147,50 Regular price€295,00
50% OFFMilla-Lua Dizzy Dress-JustbrazilMilla-Lua Dizzy Dress-Justbrazil
Lua Dizzy Dress Sale price€89,50 Regular price€179,00
Sold out40% OFFPeace+Chaos-Daryna Dress-JustbrazilPeace+Chaos-Daryna Dress-Justbrazil
Daryna Dress Sale price€118,50 Regular price€198,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Lizzie Balearmulti Dress-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Lizzie Balearmulti Dress-Justbrazil
Lizzie Balearmulti Dress Sale price€257,00 Regular price€514,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Tado Amalficream Dress-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Tado Amalficream Dress-Justbrazil
Tado Amalficream Dress Sale price€310,00 Regular price€620,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Guapi Balibw Dress-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Guapi Balibw Dress-Justbrazil4
Guapi Balibw Dress Sale price€271,00 Regular price€542,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Timbiqui Amalfibw Dress-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Timbiqui Amalfibw Dress-Justbrazil
Timbiqui Amalfibw Dress Sale price€387,00 Regular price€774,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Elena Balearmulti Dress-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Elena Balearmulti Dress-Justbrazil
Elena Balearmulti Dress Sale price€310,00 Regular price€620,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Eli Portofinomocca Dress-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Eli Portofinomocca Dress-Justbrazil
Eli Portofinomocca Dress Sale price€323,00 Regular price€646,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Eli Amalficream Dress-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Eli Amalficream Dress-Justbrazil
Eli Amalficream Dress Sale price€323,00 Regular price€646,00
50% OFFCarolinaK-Kalia Dress-JustbrazilCarolinaK-Kalia Dress-Justbrazil
Kalia Dress Sale price€373,50 Regular price€747,00
50% OFFWildwood-Aida Satin Black Mini Dress-Dress-JustBrazil
Aida Satin Black Mini Dress Sale price€97,50 Regular price€195,00
50% OFFWildwood-Audrey Natural Zebra Midi Dress-Dress-Justbrazil
Audrey Natural Zebra Midi Dress Sale price€90,00 Regular price€180,00
50% OFFCala de la cruz-Ilana Gammipistacchio Dress-JustbrazilCala de la cruz-Ilana Gammipistacchio Dress-Justbrazil
Ilana Gammipistacchio Dress Sale price€267,00 Regular price€534,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Lizzie Assoilinmulti Dress-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Lizzie Assoilinmulti Dress-Justbrazil
Lizzie Assoilinmulti Dress Sale price€311,00 Regular price€622,00
50% OFFCala de la cruz-Taliana Telarmulti Dress-JustbrazilCala de la cruz-Taliana Telarmulti Dress-Justbrazil
Taliana Telarmulti Dress Sale price€284,50 Regular price€569,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Eli Gammiceleste Dress-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Eli Gammiceleste Dress-Justbrazil
Eli Gammiceleste Dress Sale price€234,50 Regular price€469,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Sabina Gammimaagenta Dress-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Sabina Gammimaagenta Dress-Justbrazil
Sabina Gammimaagenta Dress Sale price€367,00 Regular price€734,00
50% OFFCala de la cruz-Roge Gammimaagenta Dress-JustbrazilCala de la cruz-Roge Gammimaagenta Dress-Justbrazil
Roge Gammimaagenta Dress Sale price€302,00 Regular price€604,00
40% OFFAlemais-Trippy Troppo Halter Midi Dress-JustbrazilAlemais-Trippy Troppo Halter Midi Dress-Justbrazil
Trippy Troppo Halter Midi Dress Sale price€405,00 Regular price€675,00
20% OFFKori-Nakuru White Green Blue Dress-JustbrazilKori-Nakuru White Green Blue Dress-Justbrazil
Nakuru White Green Blue Dress Sale price€215,00 Regular price€269,00
20% OFFKori-Auden White Black Dress-JustbrazilKori-Auden White Black Dress-Justbrazil
Auden White Black Dress Sale price€183,00 Regular price€229,00
20% OFFKori-Ohrid White Blue Dress-JustbrazilKori-Ohrid White Blue Dress-Justbrazil
Ohrid White Blue Dress Sale price€196,00 Regular price€245,00
20% OFFKori-Retba Salmon Ecru Dress-JustbrazilKori-Retba Salmon Ecru Dress-Justbrazil
Retba Salmon Ecru Dress Sale price€220,00 Regular price€275,00
20% OFFKori-Melissani White Red Dress-JustbrazilKori-Melissani White Red Dress-Justbrazil
Melissani White Red Dress Sale price€215,00 Regular price€269,00
20% OFFKori-Moraine White Green Dress-JustbrazilKori-Moraine White Green Dress-Justbrazil
Moraine White Green Dress Sale price€220,00 Regular price€275,00
20% OFFKori-Moraine White Red Dress-JustbrazilKori-Moraine White Red Dress-Justbrazil
Moraine White Red Dress Sale price€220,00 Regular price€275,00
20% OFFPearl&Caviar-Telma Long Dress-JustbrazilPearl&Caviar-Telma Long Dress-Justbrazil
Telma Long Dress Sale price€216,00 Regular price€270,00
20% OFFPearl&Caviar-Zaida Long Dress-JustbrazilPearl&Caviar-Zaida Long Dress-Justbrazil
Zaida Long Dress Sale price€288,00 Regular price€360,00
20% OFFPearl&Caviar-Ainhoa Long Dress-JustbrazilPearl&Caviar-Ainhoa Long Dress-Justbrazil
Ainhoa Long Dress Sale price€384,00 Regular price€480,00
20% OFF Pearl&caviar-Ninet Long Dress-JustbrazilPearl&caviar-Ninet Long Dress-Justbrazil
Ninet Long Dress Sale price€240,00 Regular price€300,00
20% OFFPearl&Caviar-Aelita Short Dress-JustbrazilPearl&Caviar-Aelita Short Dress-Justbrazil
Aelita Short Dress Sale price€228,00 Regular price€285,00
20% OFFPearl&Caviar-Eyriti Long Dress-JustbrazilPearl&Caviar-Eyriti Long Dress-Justbrazil
Eyriti Long Dress Sale price€304,00 Regular price€380,00
20% OFFPearl&Caviar-Ivi Long Dress-JustbrazilPearl&Caviar-Ivi Long Dress-Justbrazil
Ivi Long Dress Sale price€180,00 Regular price€225,00
20% OFFPearl&Caviar-Avia Long Dress-JustbrazilPearl&Caviar-Avia Long Dress-Justbrazil
Avia Long Dress Sale price€264,00 Regular price€330,00
50% OFFFarm Rio-Sweet Jungle Red Cut Out Midi Dress-JustbrazilFarm Rio-Sweet Jungle Red Cut Out Midi Dress-Justbrazil
Sweet Jungle Red Cut Out Midi Dress Sale price€105,00 Regular price€210,00
50% OFFFarm Rio-Bossa Banana Yellow Midi Dress-JustbrazilFarm Rio-Bossa Banana Yellow Midi Dress-Justbrazil
Bossa Banana Yellow Midi Dress Sale price€126,50 Regular price€253,00
50% OFFFarm Rio-Tropical Dream Midi Dress-JustbrazilFarm Rio-Tropical Dream Midi Dress-Justbrazil
Tropical Dream Midi Dress Sale price€124,00 Regular price€248,00
50% OFFFarm Rio-Dress-Lace Monsteras Midi Dress-Just BrazilFarm Rio-Dress-Lace Monsteras Midi Dress-Just Brazil
Lace Monsteras Midi Dress Sale price€126,50 Regular price€253,00
Sold out40% OFFAncient Kallos-Cyclades Blue Dress-JustbrazilAncient Kallos-Cyclades Blue Dress-Justbrazil
Cyclades Blue Dress Sale price€239,00 Regular price€399,00
50% OFFAnnieP-Elpida Bauhaus White Dress-JustbrazilAnnieP-Elpida Bauhaus White Dress-Justbrazil
Elpida Bauhaus White Dress Sale price€120,00 Regular price€240,00
60% OFFGaleria-Una Colour Stripes Dress-JustbrazilGaleria-Una Colour Stripes Dress-Justbrazil
Una Colour Stripes Dress Sale price€119,00 Regular price€297,00