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It's ok to be a little obsessed with shoes.
It's the fashion piece that completes every look and will walk with you everyday.
You will never have enough and the choices are endless. 
Take your pick.

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Veja-Campo Canvas White_Pekin-JustbrazilVeja-Campo Canvas White_Pekin-Justbrazil
Campo Canvas White_Pekin Sale price€125,00
Veja-Wata II Canvas Oasis_Pierre-JustbrazilVeja-Wata II Canvas Oasis_Pierre-Justbrazil
Wata II Canvas Oasis_Pierre Sale price€135,00
Veja-Wata II Low Canvas Pumpkin_Pierre-JustbrazilVeja-Wata II Low Canvas Pumpkin_Pierre-Justbrazil
Veja-Rio Branco Alveomesh Lotus-White-JustbrazilVeja-Rio Branco Alveomesh Lotus-White-Justbrazil
Veja-Recife Chfree Leather Platine_White-JustbrazilVeja-Recife Chfree Leather Platine_White-Justbrazil
Veja-Recife Chfree Leather Extra-White_Platine-JustbrazilVeja-Recife Chfree Leather Extra-White_Platine-Justbrazil
Veja-Man Rio Branco Alveomesh Ouro_White-JustbrazilVeja-Man Rio Branco Alveomesh Ouro_White-Justbrazil
Veja-Recife Chfree Leather Extra-White_Black-JustbrazilVeja-Recife Chfree Leather Extra-White_Black-Justbrazil
Veja-Man Sdu B-Mesh Black_White-JustbrazilVeja-Man Sdu B-Mesh Black_White-Justbrazil
Man Sdu B-Mesh Black_White Sale price€130,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Grecia Black Sandals-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Grecia Black Sandals-Justbrazil
Grecia Black Sandals Sale price€118,00 Regular price€236,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Grecia Red Sandals-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Grecia Red Sandals-Justbrazil
Grecia Red Sandals Sale price€118,00 Regular price€236,00
50% OFFCala de la Cruz-Roma Yellow Sandals-JustbrazilCala de la Cruz-Roma Yellow Sandals-Justbrazil
Roma Yellow Sandals Sale price€118,00 Regular price€236,00
40% OFFSunset Crochet Slide SandalSunset Crochet Slide Sandal
Sunset Crochet Slide Sandal Sale price€132,00 Regular price€220,00
50% OFFYellow Monstera Anatomic Slide SandalYellow Monstera Anatomic Slide Sandal
Yellow Monstera Anatomic Slide Sandal Sale price€80,00 Regular price€160,00
50% OFFBlack Monstera Anatomic Slide SandalBlack Monstera Anatomic Slide Sandal
Black Monstera Anatomic Slide Sandal Sale price€80,00 Regular price€160,00
Di Gaia-Luna Black Sandals-JustbrazilDi Gaia-Luna Black Sandals-Justbrazil
Luna Black Sandals Sale price€220,00
Herminia Black Heel SandalsHerminia Black Heel Sandals
Herminia Black Heel Sandals Sale price€255,00
Di Gaia-Cordelia Nude Mule-JustbrazilDi Gaia-Cordelia Nude Mule-Justbrazil
Cordelia Nude Mule Sale price€230,00
Di Gaia-Cordelia Black Mule-JustbrazilDi Gaia-Cordelia Black Mule-Justbrazil
Cordelia Black Mule Sale price€230,00
Kentra Clay EspadrilleKentra Clay Espadrille
Kentra Clay Espadrille Sale price€215,00
50% OFFOsklen-Bossanova Suede Sneakers-JustbrazilOsklen-Bossanova Suede Sneakers-Justbrazil
Bossanova Suede Sneakers Sale price€98,00 Regular price€196,00
50% OFFOsklen-Bossanova Antique Sneakers-JustbrazilOsklen-Bossanova Antique Sneakers-Justbrazil
Bossanova Antique Sneakers Sale price€98,00 Regular price€196,00
50% OFFOsklen-Yacht Bossanova Sections Men's Sneakers-JustbrazilOsklen-Yacht Bossanova Sections Men's Sneakers-Justbrazil
Yacht Bossanova Sections Men's Sneakers Sale price€96,00 Regular price€192,00
50% OFFOsklen-Tênis Canvas Slip On Masc-JustbrazilOsklen-Tênis Canvas Slip On Masc-Justbrazil
Tênis Canvas Slip On Masc Sale price€87,50 Regular price€175,00
50% OFFTênis Soho Bossanova Juta Eco MascTênis Soho Bossanova Juta Eco Masc
Tênis Soho Bossanova Juta Eco Masc Sale price€84,00 Regular price€168,00
50% OFFOsklen-Tênis Bossanova Lona Eco Masc-JustbrazilOsklen-Tênis Bossanova Lona Eco Masc-Justbrazil
Tênis Bossanova Lona Eco Masc Sale price€98,00 Regular price€196,00
40% OFFHoff-Montparnasse-JustbrazilHoff-Montparnasse-Justbrazil
Montparnasse Sale price€78,00 Regular price€130,00
40% OFFHoff-Olympia-JustbrazilHoff-Olympia-Justbrazil
Olympia Sale price€78,00 Regular price€130,00
40% OFFPanganiHoff-Pangani-Justbrazil
Pangani Sale price€78,00 Regular price€130,00