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In tribute to one of the oldest sporting traditions, our new line of sneakers combines a classic look with modern elements. Named after Greek cities, the models honor the Ancient Olympic Games. An easy-to-match silhouette, so soft and flexible that they fit like a second skin. This line of sneakers pays homage to the history of athletics while providing a sleek, lightweight experience for everyday wear.

Size Chart:
This table shows the measurements of the insoles that go inside the sneakers (in millimeters). to find your size, remove the insole from a pair of sneakers at home, measure it, and compare it with ours.

EUR UK USA Foot length (mm)
40 6 7 260
41 7 8 267
42 8 9 273
43 9 10 280
44 10 11 287
45 11 12 293
46 12 13 300



Helike Sale price€59,00 Regular price€99,00