Up To The Sky Necklace Mix Gold

€185,00 €265,00

The Peroo collection is freely inspired by the abstract signs of ancient pre-Columbian civilisations. It mixes the triangular geometry of latticework with the circular shape of Inca amulets, often linked to the image of the sun and characterised by a sunburst effect that becomes the main decorative motif for bracelets, earrings and the evocative, Up to the Sky necklace.

The flagship of Peroo collection. This necklace is made of ceramic and 24k goldplated tubes, woven together with a durable waxed cotton cord, creating a “ladder that takes you up to the sky”. The geometric patterns and variety of colours are reminiscent of typical Peruvian craftsmanship. The purpose of this necklace is to elevate your mood and style! Also produced in combination with 24k goldplated tubes.

Length: 40cm  Width: 7,5cm


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