Wardrobe items that see the most use

Here are the four items that see the most use:

1) Blazer: It's a classic, versatile piece that works with almost everything else in your wardrobe. Plus, it makes a really easy statement when paired with more casual items like jeans or chinos.

2) Simple pair of trousers: Whether they're black or gray or navy, we wear these things every single day. They're so versatile—you can get them tailored so they fit perfectly on your body, and then dress them up or down depending on what else you're wearing with them.

3) Neutral coat: You need a color that will work with everything else in your closet—and this one fits the bill! It's not too heavy (so it won't make you sweat), but it's also warm enough to keep you cozy on those chilly days when you're running between meetings or grabbing lunch with friends after work.

4) Sweater: Nothing says "relaxed" like a good knit sweater! This one is great because it's soft and cozy even after washing it multiple times each week.