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NEW SEASONDestree-Sonia Daisy Color Pearl Glittery Brown Piercing-JustbrazilDestree-Sonia Daisy Color Pearl Glittery Brown Piercing-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Sonia Sun Pearl Dark Green Piercing-JustbrazilDestree-Sonia Sun Pearl Dark Green Piercing-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Sonia Sun Pearl Orange Piercing-JustbrazilDestree-Sonia Sun Pearl Orange Piercing-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Sonia Icon Stone White Earrings-JustbrazilSonia Icon Stone White Earrings
NEW SEASONDestree-Sonia Icon Cyan Square Earrings-JustbrazilDestree-Sonia Icon Cyan Square Earrings-Justbrazil
NEW SEASONDestree-Glenn Lilium Gold Bracelet-JustbrazilGlenn Lilium Gold Bracelet
Glenn Lilium Gold Bracelet Sale price€260,00
NEW SEASONDestree-Glenn Daisy Gold Bracelet-JustbrazilDestree-Glenn Daisy Gold Bracelet-Justbrazil
Glenn Daisy Gold Bracelet Sale price€260,00
NEW SEASONDestree-Bracelet Single Chain Gold-JustbrazilDestree-Bracelet Single Chain Gold-Justbrazil
Bracelet Single Chain Gold Sale price€180,00
NEW SEASONSingle Star Short Necklace
Single Star Short Necklace Sale price€178,00
NEW SEASONSingle Star BraceletSingle Star Bracelet
Single Star Bracelet Sale price€270,00
NEW SEASONShooting Star Long EarringsShooting Star Long Earrings
Shooting Star Long Earrings Sale price€198,00
Night Sky Short Necklace Sale price€270,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Fiore Earring-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Fiore Earring-Justbrazil
Fiore Earring Sale price€370,00
NEW SEASONCult Gaia-Fiore Bracelet-JustbrazilCult Gaia-Fiore Bracelet-Justbrazil
Fiore Bracelet Sale price€340,00
NEW SEASONVan Palma-Aqua Earrings White Quartz-Justbrazil
Aqua Earrings White Quartz Sale price€230,00
NEW SEASONVan Palma-Aqua Earrings Prasiolite-Justbrazil
Aqua Earrings Prasiolite Sale price€230,00
NEW SEASONVan Palma-Aqua Earrings Citrine-JustbrazilVan Palma-Aqua Earrings Citrine-Justbrazil
Aqua Earrings Citrine Sale price€230,00
NEW SEASONVan Palma-Aqua Earrings Pink-Justbrazil
Aqua Earrings Pink Quartz Sale price€230,00
NEW SEASONVan Palma-Necklace Tiger's eye Brown-Justbrazil
Necklace Tiger's eye Brown Sale price€260,00
Necklace Pink Quartz Sale price€135,00
Necklace Citrine Sale price€230,00
NEW SEASONVan Palma-Jasper Necklace Grey-Justbrazil
Jasper Necklace Grey Sale price€135,00
NEW SEASONGaleria-Constellation Long Necklace-JustbrazilGaleria-Constellation Long Necklace-Justbrazil
Constellation Long Necklace Sale price€378,00
NEW SEASONGaleria-Binary Star Short Earrings-JustbrazilGaleria-Binary Star Short Earrings-Justbrazil
Binary Star Short Earrings Sale price€157,00
Ilia Dangle EarringsIlia Dangle Earrings
Ilia Dangle Earrings Sale price€238,00
Margherite Short Necklace with White PearlsMargherite Short Necklace with White Pearls
Shield of Achilles Charm Diamond Cut ChainShield of Achilles Charm Diamond Cut Chain
Lost Sea Band EarringsLost Sea Band Earrings
Lost Sea Band Earrings Sale price€129,00
Deborah Gold Plated Red BraceletDeborah Gold Plated Red Bracelet
Sold outCollar Necklace With Stones MultiCollar Necklace With Stones Multi
Zaza Blue Dangle Earrings
Zaza Blue Dangle Earrings Sale price€168,00
Dream Dangles With Crystals
Dream Dangles With Crystals Sale price€168,00
Aylin Unmatched Earrings with CharmsAylin Unmatched Earrings with Charms
Brigante ChainBrigante Chain
Brigante Chain Sale price€265,00
Stylelove ChainStylelove Chain
Stylelove Chain Sale price€72,00
Holly Flaming Heart - Statement Pearl NeckHolly Flaming Heart - Statement Pearl Neck
Thetis NecklaceThetis Necklace
Thetis Necklace Sale price€122,00
Grace NecklaceGrace Necklace
Grace Necklace Sale price€189,00
Yasemi Baroque Pearl Necklace
Yasemi Baroque Pearl Necklace Sale price€195,00
Sepia Large Charm - Cord ChainSepia Large Charm - Cord Chain
Sepia Large Charm - Cord Chain Sale price€178,00
20% OFFStanding Stone EarringsStanding Stone Earrings
Standing Stone Earrings Sale price€181,60 Regular price€227,00
Sepia Small EarringsSepia Small Earrings
Sepia Small Earrings Sale price€141,00
Sun Tarot Charm - Diamond Cut ChainSun Tarot Charm - Diamond Cut Chain
Aylin Long Charm NecklaceAylin Long Charm Necklace
Aylin Long Charm Necklace Sale price€155,00
Margarita Pendant Sale price€140,00
Snake Earrings Sale price€140,00
Hermis Thick CuffHermis Thick Cuff
Hermis Thick Cuff Sale price€378,00
Týche Small Achilles Bracelet MixedTýche Small Achilles Bracelet Mixed